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Analyses by BEVITAL AS can be carried out on a commercial or scientific basis and determines the unit price of each analyte. For detailed information about prices contact us at

Analyses on a commercial basis

Refers to cases when there is no scientific collaboration involved.

Conditions. The customer will reach an agreement with BEVITAL AS on deadline for delivering the analysis results. If this deadline is not met, there could be a percentage reduction in total price per month passed deadline.
BEVITAL AS has the right to decline any offer or agreement in case such agreement violates other obligations, competes with ongoing or planned projects or will result in a number of analyses which exceeds the capacity of the laboratory.

Commercial unit price. The unit price is related to the number of samples (batch analyses).

Analyses on a scientific basis

Refers to cases when the analyses are part of a scientific collaboration.

Conditions. Analyses carried out on a collaborative basis have a lower priority than commercial and routine (clinical) analyses. Therefore, the deadline for completion of such analyses must be relaxed, and only assumptions when the analyses will be finished, can be given. The reason is that in case of unforeseen instrumental breakdown or insufficient analyses capacity, analyses carried out on a collaborative basis will be taken out of production.

Collaborative unit price. The price reduction is up to 50 % of the commercial unit price, and depends on the involvement of BEVITAL AS or its staff.

General terms

The customer or collaborator covers the cost of transportation, and BEVITAL AS is not responsible for loss of samples during shipment.

October 2, 2023

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