Olink proteomics

Targeted protein biomarker discovery by Olink® Target 96&48 panels.

Olink Target 96&48 protein panels

BEVITAL is an external lab partner of Olink and offers Target 96&48 and Flex protein panels using Olink´s Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. These new platforms enable our customers to achieve metabolomic and proteomic data from the same sample aliquots. Olink analyses are carried out on our Signature qPCR instrument and require 1μl of sample volume only.

Olink® Target 96 panels include 92 markers each and provide relative quantification related to a particular disease or biological function. 15 different panels are available as described below:

The Olink® Target 48 panel consists of 45 cytokines and provides both relative and absolute quantification. The panel has been designed for cytokine studies and inflammation-related diseases, and covers key pathways related to cytokine signaling and inflammatory processes.

Olink offers several tools for panel selection, protein and pathway exploration, and literature search on their Olink Insight website. Olink´s power tool is another useful app for calculation of statistical power, which is an important part of both study design and analysis.

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August 15, 2023

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