BEVITAL´s  workflow of sample handling and data processing has been optimized and proven during the last 20 years.

Step 1


A pre-analysis evaluation of your project is highly recommended to analyse your samples under optimal conditions.

Step 2


Samples are shipped on dry ice by recommended courier and agreed time point.

Step 3

Arrival at BEVITAL

Samples are stored immediately at -80°C to guarantee highest pre-analytical biomarkers stability.

Step 4

Sample aliquotation

Samples are split into aliquots for analyses on different platforms.

Step 5

Sample analysis

Samples are analyzed on selected platforms and remaining material is stored at -80°C.

Step 6

Data processing

Mass spectra are processed and results uploaded to a FileMaker database.

Step 7

Quality control

Quality controls are checked to eliminate potential errors and failures.

Step 8

Data report

Detailed lab data report is generated giving an overview of the results, assay performance, and reasons behind missing data, if any.

Step 9

Data analysis

Optional data analysis is offered to investigate outcomes and identify potential outliers.

September 6, 2022

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