Pre-analysis evaluation

When deciding which biomarkers and platforms to choose, staff at BEVITAL can help you based on your study design, research question(s) and budget. Bevital staff will suggest biomarkers most complimentary to your research needs, and our service focuses on providing you with high-quality, reliable data, alongside minimal sample consumption, at competitive costs.

During the last 2 decades we learned from numerous projects that the quality of the biomarker data and the impact of a project greatly depends on many pre-analytical factors. Thus, we recommend a brief discussion of your project and requirements with our experts before we analyze your samples in order to minimize and negate any potential pitfalls, guarantee a smooth workflow, and maximize both data quantity and quality from our platforms with respect to your budget.

A pre-analysis evaluation typically includes discussion about:

  • Your research questions and design of the project
  • Appropriate biomarker/platform selection
  • Sample type, plate layout, and volume requirements
  • Anticipated timeline for analyses completion
  • Commercial or scientific/collaborative contract(s)
  • Contact persons for your project

You can contact us at or +47 55974672 for evaluation of an individual analysis plan.

April 17, 2023

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