Assessment of Disease Risk by Targeted Metabolomics

Assessment of Disease Risk
by Targeted Metabolomics

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Vitamins & Lifestyle

B vitamins, folate and cobalamin, fat soluble vitamins, tobacco and coffee, meat and fish intake.

Pathologies & Physiology

Diabetes, endothelial function, inflammation, keton bodies, liver pathology, neuroactive, oncometabolites, renal function, uremic toxin.

Metabolites & Pathways

AGEs, amino acids and metabolites, acylcarnitines, choline oxidation pathway, citric acid cycle, microbiota derived, one carbon metabolism, transsulfuration, tryptophan metabolites, urea cycle, others.

Platforms are organized according the letters A – I


A: Short-chain fatty acids.
B: Amino and carboxylic acids. TCA metabolites and intermediates.


C: Choline derivatives. Charged, methylated or sulfur amino acids.
     Short-chain acylcarnitines.
D: Kynurenine pathway and B vitamins.
E: Folate species and catabolites.
H: Lipid-soluble vitamins and long-chain acylcarnitines.
I: Short-, medium-, and long-chain acylcarnitines (under development).


G: Protein biomarkers (C-reactive protein, serum amyloid A, calprotectin, cystatin C) and their proteoforms. HbA1c.

Microbiological assay

F: Folate and cobalamin.

Our Services

Platform selection

Choice of biomarker panels and analytical platforms can be crucial for the project outcome. Our experts will help you by a pre-analytical evaluation to maximise data quality and quantity at minimal sample consumption.

Data report

Customers receive a detailed report including metabolite concentrations, LODs, missing data diagnosis, quality controls, CVs, and basic data plots.

Data analysis

We offer academic support by our scientists using sophisticated statistical methods based on R and Shiny apps.


Our website provides detailed information about all offered biomarkers, metabolites and pathways, and pre-analytical stability including pdfs of scientific articles.

High precision data including low abundance biomarkers by targeted metabolomics and use of authentic isotope-labelled internal standards

Disease related biomarkers and comprehensive coverage of whole pathways

More than 25 years of experience in chromatography and mass spectrometry

Scientific support from analysis planning to data interpretation

Track record in international, EU-, and NIH-funded projects

Competitive pricing due to low costs

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